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Gathering Circles

Group Gathering/Coaching Circles

Our Gathering Group/Coaching Circles facilitate space for soul, creative connection and real heart based conversation so people can share in the experience of interactions stemming from a space of ‘being’ and deep centredness. This is an ancient and familiar yet rare form in the modern day, that holds an inherent, natural egalitarianism. It is nothing new, we are simply reinvigorating the age old practice of gathering in circle to make it available to a wider, well, circle!

Our Gathering Circles are curated by Zoë Gameau and especially improvised for each gathering groups’ specific themes, topics and needs. Comprising of guided creative visualisations, relaxation techniques as well as partner work and whole circle communication participants are assisted in finding new ways to connect with themselves, each other and that intangible yet ever present sense of 'something greater' than us all.

Together we can curate a Group Gathering/Coaching Circle Specific to your groups needs to be hosted by Zoë in collaboration with you at a venue of your convenience.  Circles may be one-off or a series depending on your requirements and Zoë’s availability.

Themes for personalised gatherings may include (but are not limited to):

  • seasonal and nature based events

  • functions and celebrations

  • rites of passage

  • curating and conveneing community

  • crafting care in workplace culture

  • meaningful, gentle team building

Investment varies and a percentage of profits from Gatherings goes towards nominated charities to be decided upon by Zoë and the client.  Zoë is available to conduct Gatherings Australia wide and is taking bookings for International Gatherings in 2019.

Zoë also hosts community circles quarterly. These free events are by donation only with 100% of all proceeds raised donated to local charity organisations. For more informations, please sign up to our newsletter.

“All together, we are changing from a society whose organizing principle is the pyramid or hierarchy to one whose image is a circle. Humans are linked, not ranked.” - Gloria Steinem.
Photo by wilpunt/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by wilpunt/iStock / Getty Images

Nights at the Round Table

Inspired by the work of Theodore Zeldin and The Oxford Muse, these “Nights at the Round Table” are a way to make an ordinary dinner function, be it with strangers or your dearest friends, more connected, authentic and enlightening.  

Diners are given a “menu of conversation” along with topics of relevance to their specific gathering ranging from philosophy, art, science, spirituality, meaning and belonging to everything in between.

How We Gather collaborates with local chefs and restaurateurs to bring one off events to groups of diners.  These gatherings will have people talking late into the night and long after the dinner is done.

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"Every once in a while you meet someone that inspires you to ponder the deeper meaning of life - Zoë is that person. She embodies unconditional love, grace and light.  Zoë is a big hearted soul who brings depth, magic and laughter to gatherings and holds space for others with compassion and a loving heart." - Leanne Fitzgerald, Mother.

Community Creative Dance Gatherings

Gathering in Dance is one of the oldest traditions practiced universally in almost every culture across the globe.  We also understand how embarrassing and awkward it can be to cut loose sober with a bunch of strangers. If you’re not comfortable with either dancing unless you’re at a concert, a club or in your lounge room you’re not alone.  

We are more sedentary than ever.  More hours than ever before are spent sitting at desks in front of screens in classrooms, offices and homes worldwide. According to preliminary findings, a WHO study on lifestyle risk factors suggest that sedentary lifestyle is one of the top ten leading causes of death and disability in the world. In fact physical inactivity increases all causes of mortality, doubling the risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and obesity whilst also significantly increasing the risk of colon and breast cancer, depression and anxiety.  

At How We Gather we believe it can be the pleasure of every individual to experience the joy of being creatively unleashed and in the process get that blood pumping and those hearts racing!   We pride ourselves on creating a safe space (we go easy on you adults with some nice low lighting) and like to ensure a context in which even the shiest or brashest participants will still feel respected and allowed to go at their own pace. We consider the need for movement, joy and communal creative experience is more than just a bit of fun, it’s a primal urge and a necessity.

Our Dance Gatherings are local community events purely offered for the cultivation of delight! Classes are by donation and 10 percent of profits goes to a local charity announced at the end of the year with the rest going back into funding community initiatives undertaken by How We Gather.

Creative Dance for Kids and Adults

Connect with your little ones and join them in an imaginative world of creativity and movement. Classes vary in music, genre and style with different themes every week based in nature, rhythm, seasons and story telling. Welcome ages 0-10 and absolutely ideal for ages 3-8. Accompanying adults participate in and actively engage with their child in the class. This is a shared experience and practice of quality time for both your children and the inner child in you!

Classes are held fortnightly every second and fourth Friday of the month at Broken Head Hall. (For updates and changes follow us on Instagram at How We Gather.)

3:45pm - 4:30pm

Suggested Donation at the door $25 ($10 per additional child within same family). Cash only please.

Bring a water bottle and some layers of clothes for warm up and cool down.

Adults Creative Dance Classes

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"Zoë has an incredible gift for creating meaningful moments of connection through ritual and intention. Zoë's deep wisdom, authenticity and sparkling persona make for magical moments when she holds space. Within moments of her opening a circle I've been in tears from her unique ability to connect to things unseen, infinite possibility and to open this up to her gathering.- Tiffany Richmond. Voice Over Artist, Kids Performer (Poppy Galactic)