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That Sugar Guide -

by Damon and Zoë Gameau

The most recent addition to the That Sugar... family.  Husband and I co-authored this practical, 'how to' guide to assist you in making effective, lasting change around your relationship to the sweet stuff.  Full of useful tips and instructions that are clear and to the point, making learning new habits easy.  The recipes are simple, quick to make, no frill family favourites (hopefully!).  Nothing too fancy here, you can buy all the ingredients at your local supermarket even if you live in the remotest parts of the Australian Outback (tried and tested in Tennant Creek - look it up on the map)!  And yes, that is Damon and I 'riding' a bike made of fruit.  Our daughter thinks it's pretty cool right now, but for how long...? (

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That Sugar Book

by Damon Gameau (and delicious recipes by Moi, with titilating titles such as "the naked shepherd", ie, low carb shepherd pie).

Released as a companion to That Sugar Film.  This book takes you through the finer details of some of the science in the film and highlights the key takeaways that can be applied to life immediately after watching it.  Also includes 50 recipes by yours truly, created, tested and written mainly during our then infant daughters' naps!