Zoë Gameau is a gatherer, author, and speaker focusing on themes of consciousness, connection, creativity and human cultural evolution.

Founder of How We Gather, a social enterprise, Zoë works as a creative coach for both individuals and groups. She has a BA performing Arts from NIDA and has worked in Film, Television and Theatre in Australia for nearly two decades both behind the scenes as well as up front and centre.  As an author, she has contributed to two books (That Sugar Book - Pan MacMillan, Women Of Letters - Penguin) and co-authored one, That Sugar Guide. Most recently in 2018 she completed her studies in Holistic Health Coaching ( Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York) and was the recipient of The Leadership in Health Coaching Award for her year.

Her passion is facilitating change in creative ways, especially through group work practiced by sitting in Circle.  Coming from a background of Performing Arts, Zoë is incredibly comfortable in front of small to very large groups of people, happily and naturally creating a feeling of ease.  Her clients are those who long for meaning, connection and depth.  Real interactions beyond the social masks worn day to day. She relishes in facilitating truthful, heartfelt conversations that bring us closer together, building understanding through expressing vulnerably, authentically and courageously. Zoë enjoys being a part of building communities, connecting workplaces, and transforming social groups who celebrate face to face interaction and inspiring people to create loving, healthy, aware families and communities who make a positive difference in the world.

A global citizen, Zoë grew up in South East Asia and lived in six countries prior to the age of 18. This experience opened her heart and mind to the intrinsic connection between wellbeing, human rights and environmental issues and inspired her to contribute to various charities as an ambassador/spokesperson including RUOK Day, The Wilderness Society, One Meal, The Alannah and Madeleine Foundation and The Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation.

Zoë lives with her husband and their young daughter in the beautiful Northern Rivers (Bundjalung Land) of NSW, Australia.

A little from Zoë:

“My intention is to strengthen connection and community, awakening people through shared meaningful experiences and story. I believe there is more that unites us than separates us and that at the core of who we are is a bedrock of similarity more so than difference.  

I’m passionate about authentic creativity born of a moment; Ephemeral, fleeting but deeply felt and experienced, so much so that it leaves an indelible impression on the psyche of what it is to have fully LIVED in this unique and magnificent human form.”

Welcome Words About Zoë 

"Zoë has a passion for ‘Wellness’ - physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

She ‘Walks the Talk’, and uses her diverse life experience to assist others to do the same.  She’s funny and wise, with meticulous attention to detail, a thirst for knowledge and a deeply compassionate heart. I highly recommend her."

-Sandra Groom. Life Coach & Author.

"You come away from a talk with Zoë Gameau feeling like you have had a full body healing.

She is an old soul with an other-worldly wisdom about her, and has an ability to create space and light around any given situation.

Zoe has a direct plug-in to the source, and articulates feelings and concepts which you never thought could be put into words.

She is unnervingly intelligent and seeks the truth in this life above all else."

-Katie Wall. Author.

"Every once in a while you meet someone that inspires you to ponder the deeper meaning of life - Zoë is that person.

She embodies unconditional love, grace and light.  Zoë is a big hearted soul who brings depth, magic and laughter to gatherings and holds space for others with compassion and a loving heart."

- Leanne Fitzgerald, Mother.