With a long standing career in the Australian Film and Television Industry and multiple appearances on almost all major Australian Television and media Networks, Zoë is an accomplished and natural speaker, presenter and moderator for live events, radio interviews, podcasts, film and television.  

TOPICS INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

The Cure of Community and Connection

Despite the ubiquity of technology and social connection platforms, people are feeling alienated and isolated. We are in the era of "I" and we need to recreate ways to come together as a community, but it’s almost as if we’ve forgotten how to do so without the masks and precepts of day to day life.  Zoë shares insights and ideas about how we can create safe spaces for courageous connection, vulnerability, spirituality and personal and societal healing and more opportunity for being amidst the doing.

Creativity and Culture

The intention, purpose and potential of deeply aligned heart centred creativity.  It's capacity to restore meaning, authenticity, community, ritual and spiritual connection to increasingly secular, technologically biased and individualistic cultures.  Busting the myth of creative talent being the realm of a select few, claiming it back into everyday people's lives as an act of pure joyful expression, a tool by which we can experience ecstatic states naturally and safely outside of the realm of drugs, alcohol and sex and ultimately a way we can create a more whole and healthy society.  

“With her sharp intellect, warm heart, grace and charm, Zoë Gameau is a formidable force.”

- Helena Norberg-Hodge, Director, Local Futures, producer, The Economics of Happiness.

Health and Wellbeing

No sugar coating here, science based, practical principles on how to live and breathe your healthiest life. Drawing on her Health Coaching study and experience as an author, Zoë addresses the importance of exploring health as not only as a destination point in and of itself but a preliminary step to people living to their fullest potential and being of greater positive service to their communities, society as a whole and our planet.  

Honest Motherhood

Open, emotional, often times humorous discourse on navigating the unavoidable transitions that come with motherhood.  Zoë is an advocate for natural, attachment and aware parenting approaches with an emphasis on bringing understanding and value back to motherhood and parenthood in a society that currently values status, power, success and money over the simple things in life which sometimes bring us the greatest meaning.  She investigates how we might honour both needs through systemic shifts as well as personal ones.

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