The Great Mother

Unknown Artist. Please comment and credit if you know who created this beautiful work. 

Unknown Artist. Please comment and credit if you know who created this beautiful work. 

Open with a deep breath. 



Still yourself. Steady yourself.  

Breathe again. Sigh. Feel the fullness of your lungs and the relief of letting go.

We are about to journey into the depths of the earth beneath us, wherein lies the great mother. 

Feel the planets collective yearning for unconditional love, support, presence, understanding and nurture. We all have it to a greater or lesser degree. 

As you breathe, bring your awareness into the area of your heart. Feel the pulse. The rhythm. Breathe into this. 

Draw the energy of your heart up as you breathe in. Draw it up through your chest, throat, mouth, nose, brain, skull and out the top of your head.  

As as you breathe out, draw the energy of the heart down again in the opposite direction so that it returns through the skull, brain, nose, mouth, throat, chest, via the heart and down into the diaphragm, stomach, belly, intestines, pelvic bowl and out through your base into the space and ground below you. 

Keep repeating this breathing: In, drawing energy up: Out, drawing energy down.

In, breathing the heart energy up. Out, breathing the heart energy down.

In, flow up. Out, flow down.

Feel the ease increase as the channel clears. As the energy of the heart flows up and down through your body and into the space above and below you.

Rnjoy this smooth sensation. Relax into it until it breathes you...

On the next out breath, breathe further down  into the earth. 

With each out breath, breathe deeper and deeper down.

Through the grass, mulch, dirt, earth and rocks, into layers of stone and streams and crystals. Through molten lava and right to the core of it all... Earths core. 

Offer the energy of your heart to the earth as you breathe.  

You are connecting to the Great Mother. To the pulse of the planet. To the heart of it all. 

You are offering your love from your heart to the heart of Mother Earth.  

Acknowledge her. Honour her.  

She is the mother of us all. She gives and gives and asks for nothing.

She teaches us to know ourselves. She teaches us that we are supported no matter what. She teaches us that we to can give and want for nothing as its in the giving that we learn our true unconditionally loving nature.

Offer her your love and acknowledgement in ernest. 

Send her your love. Through your breath and your intention.  

You will feel her receive it. She always does. Allow this to occur in its own natural time.  Witness the shift in feeling occur when this happens. It is validating and teaches you to trust in something larger than yourself.

Now as you draw your breath in again, allow the Great Mother Earth to flow her love back to you. Allow Mother Earth to send you her pulse of love.

Draw it up with your breath into your heart.  

Feel the extent of her love and how much she supports you... Supports all of us and all life. 

Thank her.  

Receieve her thanks to you in return. 

Give yourself some space around this moment to let it sink in. 


Gently return your attention to simply breathing and gradually draw the energy back into your heart until it feels still once more, though maybe a little fuller and richer in the true sense of the word.

You are loved. 

Rest gently tonight knowing you are wrapped in the arms of the all embracing Great Mother.