Present Time

Celestial Exploring by Kagaya  

Celestial Exploring by Kagaya  

Settle yourself with a couple of deep breaths.

Imagine your mind has tenticles reaching out of it into the future and into the past. Some of these tenticles are connected to people, some to situations and some to imagined fantasties and fears.  

Regardless of positive or negative charge, what these tenticles are attached to are dilutions of your thoughts and energy. They have nothing to do with present time or your current surroundings.  It is freeing to remember this.


Now imagine these tenticles releasing their attachments and gradually drawing back towards you. Back into this moment. This present time. 

Without the attachments, the tenticles just become energy. Pure potential.  

As the tenticles of energy come back in to your being you feel how much more enlivening it is to have your thoughts closer to your immediate surroundings. 

Colours might be brighter and your feelings might be steadier.  

Notice your breathing, your surroundings, your immediate environment. Enjoy being wherever you are and whomever you're with. 

It is calming to know that all of you exists in this moment. 

You are now in present time. 

Feel how freeing this is. 

Enjoy this sensation.

Have a beautiful day.