Beautiful artwork by the incredible Stephen Mackey  

Beautiful artwork by the incredible Stephen Mackey  

There is a gentleness and a receptivity available if we choose it. We needn't be on the front foot all the time.  Sometimes it is preferable to stop, take a breath and just listen.

Allow yourself to do this now.

I can hear my own breath, the steady breath of our baby sleeping nearby, my jacket rustling, a cockatoo outside and a hum from the fridge. Oh and a ticking clock too. 

What can you hear? 

Pick each sound out and as you do let yourself relax into it. Fully accept where you are. 

Now let's go deeper... 

Listen for the wordless, soundless silence that is present within and through us. The energy beyond the physical sense reality. 

Let yourself dissolve into the abyss... Beyond presence and into pure experience.  

For me the sound here is colour. It's clear and blue and light filled. The feeling I get is a fizzy tingling and sense of freedom.  Then there is the indescribable... 

What do you experience? How do you feel? Just be with this...  whatever it is for you. Experience... 

Even for a second. 

Just be.

Now gently come back through the layers.  Once again become aware of the sounds from and around you.

Now you are fully present again only you still hold an inner frequency shift.

May you go about the rest of your day with lightness.